Final Rating: 5.27. Finished 26 out of 62 entries.

71,027 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jermaine

Description: A conversation.

Experience: 4

Time taken: around 25 hours


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Dave Roddick:

Would be better if the characters blinked occasionally.

Samuel Bourland:

Lip sync is pretty good, but you have to tell a story. The characters need to communicate what they are feeling.


First character performance is Good... But the lady character performance need to be improve...

Vincent Henri Guillaume:

good facial expressions for the guy, but lack of body language

Brianna Paige:

Very nice movements! But watch the lipsynch on the closed-mouth phonemes. There are a lot of moments where their mouths never completely close.

Bret Kauppila:

Love the girl's expression at the end.

Anais Larocque:

Nice animation ! :) On the other hand, the girls' half smile while she's talking at the end does not feel natural at all (try doing it, it's VERY HARD haha).