Final Rating: 5.51. Finished 23 out of 62 entries.

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Animator: Syed Irtizah Abbas

Description: This is my first submition on 11 Second Club and I am very excited about it.The character I use for animation is RAY provided by CG TRAIN.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 10 days


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Megan Menetrey:

Great use of rubber hose limbs, but WHO IS HE TALKING TO?

Samuel Bourland:

Pretty fun animation but he's reacting her response early.


This is my favorite so far, but I feel like when she says "I didn't realize it was such an honor to go trick-or-treating with you." he reacts too soon. Almost before she even says it.

Anais Larocque:

Very fun animation !! But he starts reacting to what the girl says before she says it, so that feels a bit weird haha.

Tom Islava:


Peyton Leatherman:

Interesting staging!