Final Rating: 5.99. Finished 11 out of 62 entries.

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Animator: Venkatram Viswanathan

Description: Cody is trying his best to impress Chi. And it seems to be working out quite okay for him indeed.
Heavily inspired from the posh dogs, peeping out of little handbags that can be spotted in Parisian streets or Metros.

Experience: Just out of School (Master of Arts)

Time taken: 10 days


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Robert Allen:

I like the idea but I wish you would stick to one type of animation. Either go fully 3D or 2D, this is a little odd. It doesn't feel very cohesive. Also the bright red background pulls you away from the actual characters

Megan Menetrey:

THE BACKGROUND IS COMPLETELY STATIONARY. It does not look good to have a green screen overlap with a CGI character on a background that doesn't change. Great character animation though.

Branden Blowey:

I really like the idea of the animation, and what's here is fluid, but it needs more work to be finished on the coloring and background end.

Vincent Henri Guillaume:

pleasant to watch

Anais Larocque:

The 3D/2D mash up is a little disturbing, but I like the 2D dog's animation. :) The 3D dog would need more details, tho.