Final Rating: 5.96. Finished 10 out of 80 entries.

1,141 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joby George

Description: Once upon a time in the West

Experience: couple of years

Time taken: 14 days after office


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Javid Fathi:

Interesting way to use the dialogue. To further the scene, you could have the sheriff character pass the wanted poster to his deputy in order to explain that he has a "code-name." Overall, however, this is a pretty good shot. Love the deputy's reactions.

Ivan Mendoza:

The horse movement is very well done so as most of the characters' movements. However things like the tap on the back could use some improvement.

Ben Hall:

I like how you were able to get alot of action in one shot

Brian W.:

What an ambitious effort. Really nice work.