Final Rating: 4.17. Finished 47 out of 80 entries.

363 views including the voting period.


Animator: robin

Description: old veteran arrests young man who reminds him of himself as a teen.

Experience: over a year

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Some nice keys and characters, just needs smoothing

Lucky Brown:

Unique style, Somewhat interesting.

Vin Liew:

it drags too much at the first few sequence

Michele De Donno:

I like the cameras that you use for this video

Maxime Gruet-Masson:

Nice stop motion idea but looks a bit akward :/ but it's not bat anyway

Ben Hall:

The movement lacks fluidity and more poses would help alot

Bruno Fabian:

This is a good work, if you had finished the lipsync it would be even better.


Pretty elaborate setup... too elaborate probably, seeing as the animation is far from done. Feels more like stepped blocking at this stage. Maybe try something a little less ambitious next time. I didn't see much of a need for the third character behind the desk for example.

Ruben Uggla:

There are parts of this animation that I think are really good, such as when they walk in the beginning, but then theres are bits where the animation feels a lot more choppy., especially when they talk.