Final Rating: 7.03. Finished 3 out of 80 entries.

5,362 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rahul Sharma

Description: Thanks for voting.......

Experience: Some

Time taken: 4 days after office


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Javid Fathi:

This is good. Love how livid the officer is (and how introverted the thief is). One note is that the eye dart around frame 70 inhibits the clarity of the officer's punchline. Make sure to use anticipation so that your actions (however odd) look all the more believable.

Carlos Guadarrama:

It feels as if it's running on 12 frames per second, I think it would look so much better on 24. It's got good personality and poses! Great!

Keshav kourav:

Very nice work ...winner for me !

Lucky Brown:

Woah, Nice! is this animated in 12FPS? I like the style. Surely TOP 10!

Ben Hall:

A little inconsistent with the fluidity and timing of the animation

Brian W.:

Nice acting, great poses and keys, and good POV cuts. Nice work.

Lalit Kumar Nirwan:

Awesome... (y)

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice style, i like it!!++

Ribhav Kumar Nautiyal:

i like the bring out the personality of the officer...
but criminal could be... more reactive...
other wise... good job...

Rajesh Nath:



I would love to see the color version..2nd cam cut gives a glich in the continuity, performance looks believable.. Nice work..