Final Rating: 6.96. Finished 4 out of 80 entries.

17,399 views including the voting period.


Animator: Maria Robertson

Description: Next time on 'Cops N' Cameras', Detective Malcolm recognises a delinquent from his younger days, as he arrests him. Again.

Apologies for render quality, had to settle for a playblast.

Experience: 1st year student

Time taken: 3 weeks on and off


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Ivan Mendoza:

The bit where he pushed him back on the car is funny. Very nice overall.


This one should be in the top 10! Really funny : )

praveen kv:


Alessio Iellini:

Nice! I really like the acting choice and cameras. I would improve the lip sync especially in the beginning. I would try to hit the accent a little more and contrast more between open an close mouth. cheers!

Aaron McGriff:

I love the 3 pats back down to the car. Funny stuff.

Lucky Brown:

This is surely in the TOP 10! Good work man!

Rubayet Muntasir:

nice movement

George John Bowden:

Great camera angles, very dynamic and expressive characters.


Love the way you used the back-patting sound, lots of charming acting choices in this one.

Ruben Uggla:

I think the animation on the characters is really good. The lip syncing needs some work but otherwise really well done.

Brian W.:

Great acting. Really nice work.

Ben Hall:

sometimes the balance here doesn’t feel right