Final Rating: 5.29. Finished 22 out of 80 entries.

419 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bryan

Description: Last month I animated a similar blonde guy fishing. My friends thought this was the same guy getting arrested for not having his fishing license. I'll go with that story.

Experience: About 2 years

Time taken: About 2 weeks


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Lucky Brown:

HAH! that kick.

Alessio Iellini:

I like the acting here! In few moments I felt the timing was a little even. I would improve the last pose of the cops in order to have a better composition. For example, after the cop push the guy I would pose him closer to the other cop in order to avoid even space between the cops and the doors but 2 groups (cops and doors) that are easier to read.

Suyog Patil:

Very Well...

Ben Hall:

Nice flow of motion clear poses clear lip sync nice job