Final Rating: 4.72. Finished 30 out of 80 entries.

432 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ruben Uggla

Description: Allan introduces a friend to his date.

Experience: A few years as a hobby

Time taken: 18 days


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Maria Robertson:

I really like the concept!

Abby Dennin:

Better lip syncing, cute and original idea.

Carlos Guadarrama:

I think this one was one of the best ideas in the contest but it definitely needs work. It made me laugh.


This one cracked me up!! Nice job.

Michele De Donno:

Very funny the idea!

Brian W.:

Very funny take on the dialog. It's punchy and has good timing. The eye movement of the dummy is also humorous.

Ben Hall:

I like the concept but it needs better execution of slow in slow out and poses.

Aaron McGriff:

Good idea

Daniela Lobo Dias:

Creative use of the Audio! I find the background distracting because it doesn't match the characters and the perspective is so off. Fixing that would raise the polish of the piece.

J.K. Riki:

I like this for reasons I'm not even sure of! The expressions on the final frame are just great. :)