Final Rating: 4.50. Finished 51 out of 131 entries.

402 views including the voting period.


Animator: Crissie and Jess Z

Description: A new employee undergoes training at the local ice cream joint. But the manager is dissatisfied with his dull performance and wants him to "spice" things up a bit.

Experience: 40 months

Time taken: 2 days


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Noah Smith:

so racist XD



Bailey Sitton:

definitely one of the most creative videos

Travis Stowell:

What is your obsession with chicken nuggets???

Jyrki Kanto:

Nice characters!

Harry Roger Smith:

Appeal is great, love the concept and the characters, however the actual animation isn't much to shout home about.

Ellen Roberts:

I'm hungry now..

Jordan Lewers:

I always catch myself wondering how you make these meticulous sets. Chicken Nugget guy, you're my hero

Sabrina Winkel:

Is this stop motion? I see you worked hard

Szilard Hadobas:

Fun stuff :D