Final Rating: 5.06. Finished 38 out of 131 entries.

401 views including the voting period.


Animator: Christoph Lendenfeld

Description: Tarzan has never experienced failure. But this one judge desperately wants to see him fail.
rendered in viewport 2.0

Experience: student

Time taken: about 50 hrs


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Shakya Achyut:

like the idea and acting...would love to see some exaggerated lips sync

Jordan Barg:

I like the animation but I don't get why there's letters popping out and what he's holding? Also there's a few lip sync problems, specifically around when he says "voice".

Harry Roger Smith:

The indian accent entering the frame is a bit too snappy for me, but apart from that I really like this! Well done

Julien Ferritto:

good idea !!

Alex Ang:

That's my man

Szilard Hadobas:

Nice job! I like the idea, however the realisation needs more work. Mainly body mechanics. You need to break up the character parts because now everything happens at the same time. The biggest issue I believe are the camera and the cuts. I don't feel the 1-2 shots are connected well. He looks on the jury before the abrupt zoom, and after the cut we see him looking away. Then you cut right on a blink what you shouldn't do. I feel a pop in the left jury member's wrist at about 100F... I hope it helps