Final Rating: 4.78. Finished 46 out of 174 entries.

520 views including the voting period.


Animator: Giada Strinati

Description: A guy has some questions before to give some..

Experience: 5 years professional

Time taken: 1 week


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Ben Zettl:

Lacks a lot of accent defining in-betweens.

Roger Crown:

errr huh,,,how many char's are there in this piece, and why did you not use a model sheet for the 2nd womans hands, which are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to small for the body of which she is.

grade = 5 of the so-so catagory due to the above comments.

Kurt Rush:

You broke the 180-degree rule.


Some confusion about the characters and their relation to each other in space here. Animation is nice though, especially on the first woman.

Mojtaba Moazami Godarzi: