Final Rating: 2.90. Finished 153 out of 174 entries.

357 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jordan Mikhail Bucal

Description: Two guys discussing about their contract to their boss.
One guy is not sure about it while the other is excited to go with it..

Experience: Average

Time taken: One day


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Ethan Gettman:

Very clever idea, but is it okay to alter the audio clip?

Shruti Bhat:

I liked this idea. Please work more on it :D


There is a definite lack of clarity here. Why the handheld camera? Who is this person operating the camera that she is addressing when it would make more sense for her to speak directly to the other speaker. It's obviously lacking in actual animation - headturns and lipsync does not make for a finished piece.

Ruud Harbers:

Don't know why, but I find this creepy. :-)