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Animator: The Weekly Animation Throwdown

Description: Taking two minutes out of our day to animate only ONE second. Pass the file to another animator and repeat. They can't look at the previous one second. This is the result. Enjoy.

Experience: 40 years combined.

Time taken: 45 minutes.


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Joe Darko:

That Turd Tho !!!

Pablo Miró Román:

I'm still assimilating what i've just seen. hahahahahah.

It's still on blocking part of the process, but it was the most unexpected thing I've seen.

My congrats

Kiran Jay Babla:

Cracked me up!!

Julien Gauthier:

Seems legit

alan Serra:

This is not animation... this is pure art! PURE, YOU HEAR ME????? .... pure...

Paweł Wisz:


Giovanni Rotta:



woah, never take drugs! :)


wird! f***king wierd but i like it!!!

Aaron Rivera:

Wait here a moment while I google a word to describe this.

Jesse J. Jones:

Terrible... But made me laugh.

Patrick O'Brien:

An interesting take on the audio.... I don't think anyone else would have thought of this.

Chad Cox:

Wow, never would've come up with this concept. Kudos for creativity! I think that is supposed to be a kick around frame 110, but the distant character seems too far away. I love the neck whip throw though. Keep chuggin!

Gabriel Dalguntas:

hahaha omg I love it

Márcio Alexandre:


Marcos Elias:

?! lol

Cuck Man:

What. WHAT

Julie Yllogique:

Surrealist ! Poop jokes arent my jam but except that, quite funny :)

Deli Daniel:


George Toombes:


Mohamed Muhamed:

that's a genius masterpiece

Davit Martirosyan:


James Hazael:

lol wut

Nathanael Xavier:

what did I just watch???

Márton Odep:

the best one!

Grace Diggens:

I.... I don't really know what to say. Odd. Cool, but odd.

William Sperling:


Keith Sizemore:


Cameren Dotson:


Lukasz Wenc:

nice background ;)

Stafford Ahartz:

I'm so confused. It was hilarious though.

Cory Parks:

Awesome-ly weird!

Jayvon Gomes:


Abhik Paul:

Amazing idea......!

Shark Bait:

Just when you think you've seen it all