Final Rating: 5.50. Finished 30 out of 100 entries.

139 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pier-Olivier Allard

Description: War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
-Bertrand Russell

Experience: one year at a professional level

Time taken: Around 31hours


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Caitlin Cooke:

A little evenly paced


Very nice little head tilt at the end

Eric Buval:

The sounds didn't quite match up and some were even unaccounted for. If this audio is inappropriate for the video, the animation gives the illusion of looking bad. This technically isn't ready for the competition which focuses on sound. Your animation is good for the most part but needs a bit of work.
5/10 for your animation alone
2/10 overall
You did a nice job though. I really like this one.

Sergane Sariani:

hey, really cool, fluid and dynamic, well done !


Good job ! very cinematic- i like it!

Saeho Oh:

try to match the sound effect to the motion. good idea. try new camera settings.

Abhik Paul: