Final Rating: 3.37. Finished 85 out of 100 entries.

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Animator: Cyril veiga

Description: "Free" it's a little short animation made with anime studio 9, edited on final cut pro.
So basically it's the story of three prisoners working for the jail in the mines when they suddenly got free without planing their escape.They are just free at last.

Experience: i have less than year of experience but i draw since i was ten years old

Time taken: i made it in one week


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Too much unnecessary action.

Natalie Wilkinson:

The camera movement makes it hard to focus on what is going on. I would also simplify the idea some. This piece has potential, but feels cluttered.

Jesse J. Jones:

The drifty camera is distracting.

Mohamed Muhamed:

I think it ran away the audio proposal. Also I don't get the singer's role in this segment.

Cuck Man:

Free? ahah


Good artwork, though the animation was fairly minimal. Work on creating something more vibrant with your animation and you will have a successful piece.

Mike M.:

I don't understand the one guy playing a guitar - notes are flying but no music?

Keith Sizemore:

I was a little confused on this one