Final Rating: 6.47. Finished 12 out of 100 entries.

903 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kiran Jay Babla

Description: Tried to challenge myself to make something a little unconventional in under a day! I know it can be improved but hey, gotta stick to da roolz ;)

Experience: 1 year.

Time taken: One day - that was the challenge!


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Joe Darko:

Love the interpretation !!!! you made a funny!

Melanie Fumey:

Yeah!! The sound and your animation suits so well! I never thought of that ! Well done !

Kiran Jay Babla:

Cheers for whoever votes on this! Had a lot of fun on it :)

Aaron Rivera:

Fantastic concept with amazing execution! The comedic, quick movements and posing are perfect. My only complaints are that the final TING sound would've been more evident if the bell was in the shot when it sounded, and the whooshing at the end was mostly ignored, but this is still a fantastic and fun peice.

Caitlin Cooke:

Funny and the camera moves were well done. Would of liked to see a longer pause on the eye shot


sounds don't make sense at all. Sorry.

Kathy Constantin:

Needs a bit more finesse but two thumbs up! Love your take on the sound fx!

syrus johnson:

like the posing in the animation should have cut some off at end

Cuck Man:

Love the story

Eric Buval:

I think the camera could've kept moving very slowly in the direction it was going before it stopped, or it could've had a little more overshoot before stopping where it ends up. Just more action in general on the camera at the end to keep up with the amount of movement it had prior. Great job on the character animation!

Jim P:

So the explosion sound was on the man showing the badge? he should have shot a warning shot. just saying. great interesting action.


I'll never wash my eyes again!!!!


I love the interpretation, The money drop at the end is amazing.


That's a bournemouth animation if ever I saw one! ;)

Yinan Hui:

Haha, Genius idea! ! In the last few frames the character's hip kind of overlapped the red box in the Background, it made his silhouette not clear enough. Overall it's a great great work!!


Great. Clever sound matching

Diane Aarts:

wow! way to be REALLY creative with the sound file, and make it work!

Christopher Lovejoy:

Seems first chime should have been the $ signs appearing after the look. Also, maybe circle around him completely, rather than return to the previous location. The sweep around left to right counteracts his punch turning right to left, and steals the impact of it a bit. I'm happy to see any of these which are not completely violence. Good job.

Abhishek tiwari:

Different Approach ... Liked It... :)

Josh Barlow:

nice animation on the rubble.