Final Rating: 5.73. Finished 20 out of 100 entries.

320 views including the voting period.


Animator: mithun

Description: A ninja faces his biggest test when he has to fight an enemy who is invisible..

Experience: 1.5 yrs

Time taken: 1 week 1 day


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Kiran Jay Babla:

Nice work. When he flies off the rock, it's a little bit slow, I felt that could be a little snappier.

syrus johnson:



Great Job


Wow, love the background good timing and spacing - though the jump off of the pillar seemed a little odd.

Guillaume Gimbert:

Very nice matte paint. I like the anim too!

Lukasz Wenc:

very cool character animation, great setting but explosion needs more effort

Karine Couture Bienvenue:

Good movement, I'm just not a fan of the disappearing swords.

JoJo Phipathanapaiboon: