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Yet Another Fight Scene

by Joe Darko

Final Rating: 5.60. Finished 27 out of 100 entries.

218 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joe Darko

Description: random fight scene, no plot, was just practising animation, ending got rushed!

Experience: 2nd year Animation Student

Time taken: almost 2 weeks :/


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Melanie Fumey:

The render is pretty cool ! I like it.

But I think it miss one part of your animation isn't it ? Since the frame 260 none of the character move ... That's too bad because the beginign it's pretty cool at my opinion!

Anthony Travieso:

I really like this one. You have some great stuff in here. I would love to see it finished. Keep going!

Kiran Jay Babla:

Woulda been wicked if it was finished...


after f273 nothing happens to the sound. :/ but the beginning is really cool! :)


I really like the render style!

Aaron Rivera:

I LOVE the style here. The solid colors and excellent stretch blurring make this a joy to look at. Did you retrace a 3D animation or was that a rendering option? Either way, it looks nice. It's unfinished though, as the ending appears to be simply key poses. I like what's here though and I'd love to see it finished.

Patrick O'Brien:

Nice rendering style and the animation in the beginning is really cool though I don't know why you had freeze-frame the last two shots. I can understand if you didn't had time to finish the last bit but what I can tell is that this has some great potential to be a great piece!

Caitlin Cooke:

Man this could have been a real winner! Please finish it!


The beginning was so well polished that I'm very disappointed in the end.

Cuck Man:

Aww if only it was finished... I loved that 2-d effect. The terrain was pretty pleasing too.

Aaron McGriff:

Very nice. cool render style and nice smear frames.

Deli Daniel:

what happened with the endig? I loved it so much


Nice to begin with but by the end the actions are out of sync with the sound effects.


Incredible. Awesome Job!


I watch it a few times, not because I hesitate, because it is entertaining . Thank you !

Diane Aarts:

was the ending not finished? Otherwise gorgeous.

Monty Mink:

really great work must have it finsh :)

Weerapong Jangsombatsiri:

I really like it! A shame it's not finished. Hope you keep doing and finish it, looking forward to seeing the full version.


You missed many beats!!!

Shawn Lopez:

I really like the rendering style, it has a 2D look that I really like. Plus I love the smear frames on the fighting staff of the character. I guess the only think I can critique was that the last part of this piece is still incomplete. I guess you ran out of time (which is a shame since I really liked this one). Even after the voting process is done, I strongly encourage that you take the time to finish the rest of this and post it only because I really like this piece and would love to see the final results. Keep up the good work. :)


Would have been superb if pushed a little more
Well done. Great effort

Mahdi Ghasemi:

great job dude... :D it has its own style , something that made it special ...

Karine Couture Bienvenue:

Great beginning! It's a shame that it was unfinished and that certain sounds were not in sync

Christopher Lovejoy:

Great stretch and blurring shapes.If I didn't recognize the models, I'd nearly think the characters were all 2D. The initial run, camera behind the red character, and the black character's impact with the crates are really felt.

Abhishek tiwari:

Loved the work done on the hair..