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Animator: Mael Bittner

Description: A man tries to convince himself that nothing is out of reach in this world.

Experience: Studied 3 years

Time taken: 15H


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Angelica White:

This is such a fun idea!! The movements feel just a tad floaty to me, though.

Ben Zingo:

Neat effect! There are ways you could render it so that the lighting doesn't change (unless that's intentional).
There's also a fair bit of over-extending the limbs, which causes them to snap in & out of position. A good way to avoid this is to keep the controls within the reach of the end of the limbs- at maximum, make sure the limbs are straight or juuuuust slightly bent, and that will fix/avoid snapping

Adam Bartholomew:

All the actions feel a bit sluggish, but honestly the staging and creativity here really save it. I think the only thing you need to work on is tempo, and maybe make some stronger key-poses. But the concept itself is really fantastic, and your planning is incredibly admirable. Much more interesting than anything I could do! =)

Leah M:


I did NOT expect him to grab the WHOLE SUN. that was so well done taking it and putting it back. The way he grabs the poll as he goes around is a nice touch as well. The light that moves witht he sphere is consistence as well. The colors of the sky also present a really nice mood.

I wouldn't change anything about this maybe if you wanted to add a little you could make it look more like he swings around the pole rather than grabbing it and walking around but the idea you came idea of it is really really good.