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Animator: Han Elzinga

Description: Trying to get back into animation, This one was created in Moho animation pro 13 with an own rig.

A lost soul muses about his loss, but is hopeful about returning to life."

Experience: A few years on and off

Time taken: 1 week


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Leah M:

So many questions

Is the skele gonna marry the person or did or are they already married and he died? How'd he die? how is he alive??? Anyway the style in this animation is really cool with the old timey colors (all excpet for the important object) I love that the skele has hair stange but charming. The flick and catch of the coin is awesome.

Only nitpick critique is that at 241 his body moves and his hand looks disconnected because theirs not forearm.

This is really intresting great job

Pablo García:

very original!

Arpan Mahor:

loved the story telling.

J.K. Riki:

Cool concept! Nicely done there.