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Animator: david

Description: Terapia de grupo en el pabellón público.

Experience: 0

Time taken: 4 days


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Leah M:

aw big sad

The couch that's lost his confidence. Or at least thats the idea I get with the background. The setting is well down and the light coming in looks great! I like his hand gestures that move quite a bit while his body is mostly still, it adds to his calm saddness. I especially like the movement when he puts out his hand out and when his leg pulls at the end nice little details.

I think something ssmall that would make this stronger is to give the hand movements a bit more variety like putting it on his leg. But this is really well done!

olivia hartanto:

the camera does not move at all. I think you should learn to explore more with the camera to see endless possibilities with it.