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Don't feed the statues

by Tom Weatherill, July Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.68. Finished 1 out of 55 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tom Weatherill

Description: Victor laments his old escapades

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Angelica White:

Very fun story and the fabric movement is awesome!

Kevin C. Burke:

Great idea & lighting! The lip-sync feels off to me.

Deva Satvika:

so smooth, Great animation :O

Richard Adams:

One of the best entries this month. Love the concept, and the execution. The quality of the animation is terrific.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Winner! Nice animation and concept.

Leah M:

I love the moving statue moments like these.

The clothes movement are both stiff and fluid because their still rock but move according to his movement. The lighting and movements are a lot of fun and I like how he looks for a moment before the camera shifts. Him stepping back onto the pedestal was really well done!

All I have to say is I was expecting the other statue to move even if only a little like slightly turning her head confused. This was a fun concept and looked awesome

J.K. Riki:

Nice job! I can see this one winning. You did well to keep things loose and well crafted, with wonderful little touches here and there to make it come to life. Good work.