Final Rating: 7.19. Finished 3 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Amelie

Description: Rig: Cody rig Anim Props, 3D model found online
Story: Dog doing a monologue about life with a beautiful sunset.

Experience: 1year of school and 1 year of video game industry

Time taken: Aprox 2 week after work


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Kevin C. Burke:

Funny idea (evening walk XD). Nice job getting the face to feel fleshy. I think it would be better if his pose looked proud at the end. "Swaggering" feels off in lip-sync.

Space Chicken:

I put an egg

Leah M:


Always Pleasant to see animal animation. All of the expressions are really strong even on the body (70) especially that sad look. The camera movement as he perks up and bounces around really adds to animation. also the background trees look really good

Something small to adjust could be to give his mouth a little more of a smile or frown but either way you can still definetly tell how this dog is feeling amazing job!!

Richard Adams: of the best entries this month. That lip syncing is especially impressive.

Pablo García:


Arpan Mahor:

loved it! expressions are everything!