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All He Wanted Was a Kiss

by Angelica White

Final Rating: 5.96. Finished 16 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Angelica White

Description: A frog, who may or may not be a prince (or perhaps a businessman?) reminisces about missing out on true love's kiss, and tries to convince a young woman reading her book to change him back.

Experience: Student, just over a year

Time taken: On and off for three weeks


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Kevin C. Burke:

That's a funny idea! His transformation into a man is really nice.

olivia hartanto:

love her iconic face in the last scene


Cool idea!

Leah M:


The face at the end got me she's havin none of it. I like the little frogs movements like when he gestures to the page true loves kiss, quick and sort of elastic. Or when he jumps on the book and it's pulled down slightly. The transition of the frog into a man was really cool as well, I didn't expect her to be so upset at the end sense she seemed to go along with it but im so glad it ended that was hilarious.

If there was anything I'd edit it would be the confused look. I dont think it should be changed but pushed a bit further the head tilt was just right and the eyebrows raise was too but the rest of her face was still stagnant. But you still get the story across great job! love that frog kissy face too