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Animator: BAPI

Description: I am 3d animator. I want a better job company with better helm me

Experience: one years

Time taken: two days


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Ben Zingo:

The camera cuts seem a little odd.
Lots of opportunity for polish, moving eyebrows, clenching fingers, and the lipsync feels a little robotic, there's no clear emphasis on certain words/mouth shapes.
Not bad! Just lots of opportunity for improvement

Kevin C. Burke:

Some good camera shots! The idea, music, and dialogue don't really go with the speedy car driving for me. I think this would have worked better if he was sitting in a parked car. "Swaggering" lip-sync is off. I think this video shows some good results:

Leah M:

Don't use you phone while driving kids

I really like the aniamtion fo the guy throughout the animation like when he's on the phone he looks out the window and.. well everywhere except the road. The camera angles are also also well placed.

I think the oly thing I have to mention is that car movement. The bumps are good and give the car weight but its a little too bumpy maybe a few bumps over time would help.

Hope that guys still alive yikesss

olivia hartanto:

i think you should add more animation on the eyebrows to make him look more sad