Final Rating: 4.55. Finished 38 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Kimberly Tan

Description: A construction worker yearns for the better days.

Experience: 2 years in school

Time taken: 2 weeks +


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Ben Zingo:

The subtle movements/acting choices at the beginning are nice, but then the larger movements feel very fast and stiff. Try playing with the easing, anticipation, overshoot, etc. to help it feel more natural!

Leah M:

oh dang

I love the scene of him strutting in some park. And the slight movement in his thumb a good detail The action he makes at the end works so well like a sort of “I still got it” or remembering how cool he felt. I could imagine someone just off screen watching in complete confusion. The fade was a good idea too rather than a hard cut

I Think something that would make this even stronger would be the camera angles. The one with him in the suit worked but I think rather than having the other one head it could be at a slightly angle to make it more dynamic but it looks really good overall!