Final Rating: 3.68. Finished 50 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Aman kumar

Description: no one to talk

Experience: 0

Time taken: 3 day


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Ben Zingo:

the far camera angle and dark shadows make it pretty difficult to see, but the movement feels pretty good

Space Chicken:


Leah M:

Aw it looks like this guy is at a low point

I like the idea of the character falling on his knees which is animated well here. The first movements at the beginning of the animation are well done as well him putting his hand to his chest waa a subtle but good gesture.

If I were to edit anything I'd make him fall to his knees when the silence comes but keep the animation the same. that way theres more time to animation the dramatic moments. And maybe a shadow but eh. Nice work though!

olivia hartanto:

the character movement is already great. but do not forget about camera movement too. Combine those too and the animation could have more feeling into it