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A Very Pensive and Serious Scene

by Joey Majchrzak

Final Rating: 3.87. Finished 47 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Joey Majchrzak

Description: I had no idea what to do so I dove for the classic comedy goldmine: People falling over.

Experience: About 5 weeks.

Time taken: I lost count of the hours.


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McKinley C:

very fun motions at the end, great use of thsose paues

Leah M:

OH that was a twist

That made me chuckle I didn't expect it to get so colorful and cheerful. This animation of this guy dancing at the end was gold, I aspire to have thst kinda vibe the trip at the end was funny to as if he had gotten a little rusty at the cool life. his shades falling off at the end too was perfect.

I think the only adjustments that could make this stronger is making a transition rather than a rough cut and the end it feels like he fell really quick perhaps to give the late-to-fall shsdes more humor so thats more of a nitpick.

Pablo García:

the watermark...

J.K. Riki:

Try not to work so cleanly. Start rough and loose. Right now this feels stiff because you jumped to "final lines" too quickly. You don't need the camera moves (or even the mouth movements!) if your main poses and animation is solid. Just be sure you aren't rushing too quickly to the final look! :)