Final Rating: 3.78. Finished 48 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Johannes Wipfelder

Description: this one isn't done yet. but i used this month's sound to explore some toonboom harmony animation techniques.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Angelica White:

What's here is great! Wish I could see the rest of the clip.

Ben Zingo:

The aesthetic & style is nice, but you only used a small part of the audio

Kevin C. Burke:

Nice designs. I wish it was the full sound clip!

Space Chicken:

Finish him! (Self PO POOOOW!)

Leah M:


That background is gorgeous and the character stand out nicely in the area. His expression is fun as well as the expression out into his arm as well. I wish it were longer but whats here is great. His pose his great he looks like the type to be confident in himself but also have low self esteem.

The only thing I'd say is when he pulls his arm back at 20 its moment is a bit too sharp to me. but wow very visually pleasing.

Han Elzinga:

surely an interesting look, but its incomplete. I'd encourage you to explore this style more.

J.K. Riki:

Looked really cool, but it cut off too quickly! Did it not export correctly, or did you run out of time?