Final Rating: 4.81. Finished 34 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Crissie and Jess Z

Description: This grouchy nugget takes a moment to reflect on a new life that awaits him.

Experience: 96 months

Time taken: 1 day


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Angelica White:

This is so funny! Love seeing stop motion. Love it

Space Chicken:

This is best than others I saw

olivia hartanto:

mouth movement is already good. but the eyes could use a little help

Leah M:

Whats this nugg up to?

I love all of this the background the little scaps of trash even the huge french friends. I love that the nugget has huge eyebrows and a little cardboard sign. It vaguely reminds of of Oscar the grouch. Not sure if thats what you were going for but tI like the unique take. they way the top of the of the trash can wobbles as he goes into it. nice touch

I think the only thing i'd say is I was expecting the frenchfries to come to life. or even peek out the can with eyes or something. But this was really cute and odd. Did you eat them afterwards? That be a sad but funny twist

J.K. Riki:

Fun little scene! Just needs a bit more animation, rather than just mouth-movements. But keep at it, was entertaining to see a clip that was so different from all the others!