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Animator: Mario Ferrer

Description: Some people don't want to learn their lines and others just want to dance.

Experience: about a year

Time taken: 15-20 hours


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Sam Larson:

Great concept and fantastic movement!

Kevin C. Burke:

Interesting idea.

Leah M:

oh gosh

Pff I love this he just forgets his line. i absolutely love the different expressions he makes from realization, to looking for help then slightly panicking. The lady who’s completely distracted but quickly shifts back into work mode. The lighting is great like a spot light for him. You can see the faint lights in the background hinting at a stage.

I think the only thing that confused me was what the lady was doing. I thought she was telling him no but then I realized she was dancing to.. something. But I still got the idea of what was going on. i really like how the characters are animated. Really good stuff here