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A venture into space station.

by JP

Final Rating: 6.52. Finished 9 out of 103 entries.

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Animator: JP

Description: A crew member ventures into an abandoned space station while the pilot in mother ship is warned about approaching objects towards it.

Experience: Couple of years

Time taken: Around 10 days


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Henry Barbee:

Well done! Could be a bit snappier though, i think it’s a little floaty. Also, maybe try to push the facial expressions to a little more extreme at times. Overall they’re a little bland I feel. With a little more polish though, this could be a great shot!

Ian Hakes:

Great quality render and animation. Lip sync is lined up well and the set does not distract from what is going on. I would suggest making the warning a bit larger and maybe casing light on her face if possible. But really that is my only critique I can offer.

Richard Adams:

Love the subtlety and nuance of movement here. Beautifully lit and rendered. Top 10 IMO.


Nice Render... lady looks beautiful nice suttle Acting.. but need some tighten the actions.. now its looks little floaty.. Great job..