Final Rating: 4.40. Finished 44 out of 84 entries.

322 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sebastian Gonzales

Description: I couldn't get handbrake to work for me to get the small size without losing quality but I managed to get the video way smaller than 10 megabytes so I hope everything still works out okay.

Experience: 4 year Bachelor degree in computer animation

Time taken: 1 month roughly an hour a day


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The ending! Was not expecting that haha Good job.

giovanni carretero:

like por el final inesperado

Tushar Khandaria:

hahhahah nice

Cola Dunn:

Wasn’t expecting the end! Good animation, take my vote

Edd Jones:

love the surprise ending.

Isabelle Dussault:

The end made me laugh. It's sad it's not more polished!

Leonardo Rivera:

This clip was funny but had a few parts that could've been more subtle.

Andi Pearson:

really funny and the cartoonish movement of the hands and the handcuffs are just amazing. Very smooth for a sketch and i would love to see it finished, but one place to improve would be where the guy says "I dont know." his movement is confusing and would be better a lot simpler.


Good job on the hand cuffs adds a lot of movement and life to the animation

Jackie Nguyen:

That was super fun!

Sarah V.:

The kiss at the end cracked me up.