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The misunderstanding

by Paula Anna G.

Final Rating: 4.36. Finished 46 out of 84 entries.

321 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paula Anna G.

Description: After a mouse got caught by a cat ...

Experience: 1 year as a hobby animator

Time taken: 4 afternoons


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

John M:

Love it.

Sebastian Gonzales:

I like the staging and blocking. I think you could use more arcs in your animations to make the characters move smoother


Very cool! Good anim :)

Tushar Khandaria:

i liked it


Interesting look at the dialogue however I feel the tails are very distracting. A suggestion could be that the tails moved in reaction to the dialogue.

Andi Pearson:

try working on consistent line work, so the characters don't appear to be vibrating. I really like the concept and acting poses were pretty clear overall.


Funny and creative