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Why WOULD you do that?

by Andrea Wickstrom

Final Rating: 2.75. Finished 82 out of 84 entries.

303 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrea Wickstrom

Description: Two friends exploring a Sanitarium, one has a trick up his sleeve

Experience: about 1.5 years of school

Time taken: 2 weeks give or take


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


Nice work! :) I like the idea and the extra detail in the camera animation.

Catherine Mullenger:

The matching of the audio to the mouth movements is nicely timed, and I like how you animated the camera to swing between frames 50 - 62.

It might me good to look at adding in more readable poses on the main beats of you work. Perhaps vary the spines curvature a bit more.

The head does move a little frenetically on the blue character, and as a result it loses quite a bit of readability. Perhaps try picking out one particular "beat" in the sentence, a word that's louder on the audio or that the speaker is clearly emphasising, to then highlight with a head movement, and focus on that instead of indicating every word.

Jackie Nguyen:

Love the feeling it gives off for sure!