Final Rating: 7.86. Finished 3 out of 129 entries.

150,801 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bongyong

Description: boy&dragon

Experience: 3.5years

Time taken: 2weeks


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Rahul Rishikesh:

Somehow it doesn't look in sync with audio. But i guess this is one of the top ones. except the dragon take off Animation looks good!

Anais Larocque:

This is stunning !! The only thing I would change is making the human character fall faster on the dragon's back, because he seems a bit too light at that part.

Sarah Courtright:

Dragons are my weak spot, how did you know?! I love the charge and take off part. the fluid head movement as he listened to the first character talk was a nice touch

Jordan LeBlanc:

I love everything about this entry. Only thought is that the smear on the spear might be overexaggerated, but the other smears and body mechanics are great!

Mike Schanbacher:

Wow, that is really nicely done...the layout, cameras and staging are perfect. Some of the sound feels a little disconnected from the scene, but the animation works nicely...its a choice you made and it worked. Perhaps having the dragon say "bad ass" before leaping to fly, and have the jump/fly fall over silence like the beginning would make the sound feel less disconnected. The way the boy dismounts is great! The drawing of the spear is nicely animeted, but it ends up looking rubbery when it bends that much...I think making a duplicate blur spear or two on that frame would look more rigid, but still give the same effect. :) Overall very strong and deserving of a top placing.

Clode Ko:



Wow..well animated! Both characters looks very bonded..i like that..maybe add one more flap before they take off. Everything else is awesome!


Super Awesome!!!

Jordan Crownshaw:

Too many frames with stretches there. You want to *try* and limit it to 1 or at the most, 2 frames of a stretch, otherwise you risk the character just looking like Mr Fantastic. Same with them pulling out the weapon, the bend doesn't quite fit with how slow it is.
Really nice character animation, composition and camera movement though, as well as the creature animation too :)

Tom Islava:

love your arc on fr 159-169

Branden Blowey:

Great stuff man, really enjoy how the camera movement and angles turned out too!

Prashant Makwana:

Amazing work you did
Anticipations are awesome
Curves are smooth

Olalekan Genesis Aleem:

like the staging, acting choices, the dragon's reaction and even the main character were up to standard. The part stands on his hands unto the back of the dragon, tweaking the timing, make it faster. Great job with the cinematography to


Great stuff

Peyman Bodaghi:

Good :)