Final Rating: 5.93. Finished 16 out of 106 entries.

712 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chris Clarke

Description: Sometimes, caring for the one you love is difficult.

Experience: On and off. AM Grad

Time taken: 3 weeks


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juan francisco leon:

excellent!!! very funny, one of the first places

Sergio Candela Ramirez:

love the story, but animation can be improved..Good job anyway

Skylar Zerr:

Haha, its funny.
THe flash should happen during a pause, not during his speech though. Good work!

Fang Qian Lim:

so nice !!!

Simon Vergereau:

The female character moves too much, she's all over the place, I would definetly calm the animation down, the male character is much more better, because you stay in one strong posing.
Hope you see the difference.

Jean Lamy:

I really like the second character's facial expression! the female character could seem more worried than sassy. It's probably the eye brows. Nicely done though!

Aisha Kennett:

Really like this one. But voice 1 should be a guy...

Emanuel Siu:

guys animations were smoother. Her timing was slightly off but still looked good

Chris Clarke:

Ah, loveable Marcus! ;)

Darren Teh:

Nice idea..not sure why she's smiling at the end tho. Certain parts need some cleaning up.

Jamie Calvert:

Really Nice!

Florencia Irena:

LOL so Funny! you nailed the dude expression! Good job!

jagdeep singh:


Brian Heath: