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Love sick feat. Renderman

by Kim Bourdette

Final Rating: 5.89. Finished 17 out of 106 entries.

645 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kim Bourdette

Description: Tried a minimalistic scene!
Only characters that talk are moving to draw focus.
Each character has slightly different light.
Camera has a nice depth.
Color of room is blue to emphasize sadness
Rendered with Renderman.

Experience: 3~ years.

Time taken: 2.5 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

juan francisco leon:

good render


I think I get what you had in mind with the camera movement, which is a nice idea, but given the length of the shot and how slow the camera moves, I found it a little disorienting... like "is the camera actually moving?". For it to work, I think you'd need to push it more so it really focuses in on the character in bed.

Erin Goddard:

I like the framing, the emotion and the lipsync are conveyed quite nicely. My only criticism is that the body movements are a bit floaty. Changing up the timing especially in the hands will help a lot here. Keep up the good work!

Abhishek bhardwaj:

nice one....

Emanuel Siu:

lip sync was good, no jolty movements, but also probably too few movements from both.

Forest Eyster:

This is a great animation. One problem is the timing could be better. For one thing when the dad says, "to feel.... things." keep the guy into the squash position, and hold for a sec after things or shorter, and then release that tension that the guy is holding on to. It will feel like he gave into what he was feeling and ready to share it to someone. Finally, some nitpicking the lip-syncing at the end could be a little bit better. However, overall awesome job!

Yegane Moghaddam:

Thoughtful staging ;)

Michael Kristiansen:

A little bit slow motion like, but looks good to me. You hit the mood of it very well.

Darren Teh:

Might feel better with a slow zoom in...ending with a cut to a close up of the photo.

Szilard Hadobas:

Could be little more snappy