Final Rating: 7.47. Finished 2 out of 106 entries.

15,007 views including the voting period.


Animator: Camilo Guaman

Description: A sheriff investigate a kill in the road

Experience: 3 years in the industry

Time taken: 2-3 hour after job during 4 weeks


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juan francisco leon:

one of the first places i think, very good!!!

Erin Goddard:

Movements are nice and fluid but I really didn't get the emotion in the body language from the first voice. He seemed quite matter of fact for someone who has been crying a lot as the dialogue implies.

Skylar Zerr:

Very good. Have fun in the top 10. Really enjoyed the anticipation on "The thing is!'.
Watching it a couple more times, i think the male character when he bends down, is really off balance. He also lifts his hand off the road at one point.
Just something to look into

Jean Lamy:

That last hand movement from the first character was misleading. But great job though. I like that one.

Aisha Kennett:

Hope this win!

Carlos Lalama:


Chris Clarke:

Pretty nice animation. Great work!

Richard Carrillo Barrios:

Reaally nice! Only think I would tell you to check is the expression of the sad lizzard, I feel it's not consistent, like it veries its feelings. Overall great animation and concept.

Jose Manuel Ramirez:

Awesome! Love the characters!

Betto Villacis:

cool one!


I love it!! great job!

Tomás Bejarano:


Davit Martirosyan:

Nice one!!

Michaela Wadzinski:

I like the elements of comedy a lot. Its a really cute concept.

Florencia Irena:

Great idea! Good job!

Federico Lalama:

that amazing, it´s so increible