Final Rating: 5.49. Finished 32 out of 106 entries.

462 views including the voting period.


Animator: Riccardo Canton

Description: animation 3d
programs: maya, after effects and photoshop.
rig: Mery rig and Franklin rig

Experience: 7-8 months

Time taken: 2-3 weeks


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Skylar Zerr:

dont mind her facial animation


147 eyelids feel unnatural maybe too much offset
and lipsync of the woman at the beginning feels kinda off to me

Jean Lamy:

A bit underwhelming and too many blinks. Very simple idea though.

Jakub Kupčík:

Some motions stop too abruptly, try using more moving holds. Great acting though!


Pay attention to the lip sync, for the rest... well done!

Pallav Sharma:

lip sink need to be more refined......


I like!

Darren Teh:

Might wanna work on the expressions a little..offset the eyebrows..mouth..etc. Avoid freezing up the characters even tho they are off focus.