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Tears Ducts Melted Shut

by Andre Nunes

Final Rating: 3.77. Finished 83 out of 106 entries.

392 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andre Nunes

Description: this is my entry for this month. I did not have time to finish but I think it was on the right track and so I decided to share to get some feedback.

Experience: 2years

Time taken: +-2weeks


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where is the rest ?

Skylar Zerr:

nice try!
you'll get the deadline next time.

Jean Lamy:

It was such a great start but you didn't finish!! That was a good amount of poses, just keep the first character moving a little bit instead of being so stiff. Nice work even though it wasn't finished.

Nicki Pierce:

You didn't use the whole audio clip (are there points off for that? I'm not sure) but the movement was smooth and realistic. Very human gestures as well.

Jakub Kupčík:

I'm not sure what to rate this, because it's incomplete, it's really great though, would be 10 stars for me if it was finished.

Chris Clarke:

Missing the last bit of dialogue?

Emanuel Siu:

it was so good! But didn't finish! The timing and animation was coming along great!


I lik it but... the rest of the sound???

Pallav Sharma:

where is the second half

Darren Teh:


jagdeep singh:

second totalt still