Final Rating: 5.11. Finished 39 out of 106 entries.

1,740 views including the voting period.


Animator: Amy Hook

Description: Jake goes to his most trusted friend Draco, to share his sorrows. Little does he know what Draco has been eating...

Experience: 3 Years Student, 1 Year Amateur

Time taken: 2 weeks after work (in a bit of a rush)


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Robin Tamura:

I like the guys animation but the dragon moves awfully fast for such big creature. I'd slow down the timing to make him feel heavier and mightier.


Nice acting overall... main things I noticed that could use work are: floaty transitions between poses on the human character, and fast motion on the dragon makes him feel a bit weightless. Some overlapping action may help (looking particularly at when he knocks the bone away at fr 169 ish).


First off kudos for using a dragon rig, I've seen a few and they are not simple. Having said that I think the only critique I have is for the dragon, his moves are really stiff, dragons are like reptiles so their movement is more snake like and fluid.

Aisha Kennett:

love the dragon!

Emanuel Siu:

this was tough, 11's rig animation felt great! I like the dragon his animation was a little choppy and timing slightly off. But this was a hard clip for that, I struggled with right times to emphasize as well.

Michael Logar:

Nice idea! I love how he puts away the skeleton at 'things'. the boys acting at the end just doens't fit the tone of his voice so well I think.


Nice use of the dragon rig! Eleven's movements seemed very nice, but some of the dragon's movements seemed a bit fast to me. Maybe not, but I feel like something that big should move, in general, a bit slower. Overall a nice and funny submission :)