Final Rating: 5.01. Finished 37 out of 151 entries.

467 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jesus Pancorbo Diaz

Description: Malcolm tries to convince by bad or very bad that his friends call

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 11 days


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Robert Zhou:

Good work. Not sure why the small character jumped off though. I like the nice detail you added to the other characters, but they move a bit too stiffly. Try having more variations in your timing, especially around frame 200. His emphasis on merciful doesn't follow the animation in my opinion. I think it needs quicker and bolder movement to show that. Keep it up!

Adam Momsen:

I think the idea here is OK, though since we don't know much about why this guy can change sizes and such I think it distracts from the animation. I originally thought the tiny guy was way in the background, not on her shoulder. And why does he jump off? I'm assuming this is the same character who can change size/personality? I do like the dramatic expression, especially at the very end.

Lip sync is OK but needs some work. The "Yesss' is good but the lips start getting a little jumbled during 'Wilfred the merciful'. Harder to see the lipsync when he's tiny.

Ben Halstead:

Good animation! I'm a bit confused as to what's happening though.

Nathan Greensmith:

Great angle, nice animation, good work.

Bruno de Coninck:

Good work! The small character could be more movile around frame 50 and I suggest you to add some anticipation just before the fall of this tiny character!

Kyra Toomey:

Love the acting of the little guy on his shoulder, subtle and snappy timing (though what is he doing when he jumps off? Looks poppy?). The second voice i get confused though because it looks like he's staring at her mouth or nose. It would probably be a bit more impactful if he was staring at her eyes (maybe throw in an eye dart between each of her eyes). Great job.