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Sorry, I have no money for you

by Yinan Hui

Final Rating: 7.37. Finished 2 out of 151 entries.

9,701 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yinan Hui

Description: The poor beggar was begging for some coin, but this guy was not so friendly to him, he gave the beggar nothing but cold joke.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 3 week


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Bruno de Coninck:

Great work! Honnestly, I don't see anything to improve here. Maybe one thing : the last shot with the Wilfred Poster might be useless...

Richard Clark:

Nice job! But isn't it supposed to read "We care FOR your money"...?

Frost Seven:

Wow this is great!


The best, Nice pose and expression. Good job.

Edit: The bore I watch it, the better it gets! This one is definietly the best! Hope you are the winner!!!



Nathan Greensmith:

great animation and emotion, good plot talking about the mayor, nice job


Great concept. Nice acting

Shawn Lee:

very polished! well done.

Zen Tan Xing Hao:

Really like the facial animation for both characters when reacting to each other and the objects in their focus.

Qinqing Wang:

I really love your idea, you did totally the way opposite, and your animation just transit it accurately and clearly.

Samidha Kumar:

loved this... specially the old guys sarcasm.. Great work :)

Ramon Arango:

wow. This is brilliant. The old guy feels so old and the dude is such a jerk. Really nice characters. And the setting fits perfectly. This I think is the most you could get out of 11s of audio. Nice job man! :)