Final Rating: 4.29. Finished 66 out of 151 entries.

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Animator: Shelly Huang

Description: The bad male insect was beaten by Wilfred, who wanted to protect the girl. So his grandpa helped him to find her out and let him teach her a lesson.
Well, they chose a wrong place and all killed by another "Wilfred." LOL

Experience: study for 2 years(still a student)

Time taken: 3 day(about 36 hours)


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Bruno de Coninck:

Good start but I can't give a full critic here. I would only say that the inbetween seems a bit shacky. Did you do it directly on computer? If yes, try to work on paper first. Make the general mouvement before adding details.

Richard Clark:

"Uh..well you just broke my phone, how am I supposed to call him?" Funny!

Nikolas Diamant:

Funny idea, I like it!

Nathan Greensmith:

Great idea. characters look good, animation could be a tiny bit smoother, but nice work.

Adam Momsen:

Nice idea! Though I kinda wonder just how 'merciful' Wilfred is since apparently he just bug-bombed the lot of them...

Couple things: It isn't quite clear at the beginning just what the character is doing. I thought he was like flexing or something at first, then realized he was grabbing the phone. Might not be necessary for 11-second club, but establishing that phone was there to grab may have helped somewhat.

I also think the younger punk bug might not slam his hand into the wall behind the girl, just to then casually step back. Might work if he moves (a bit more slowly) forward to get in her face, but right now the motion is a bit startling.

I might also pick a different pose after he grabs the phone. Right now he looks like he's pondering, as if he isn't sure what to do. This guy knows *exactly* what he's going to do. Maybe staring the girl down with a smug look in his eye as he casually snaps the phone in half?