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A trap for the merciful cat

by sergeyPavlutin

Final Rating: 5.82. Finished 19 out of 151 entries.

823 views including the voting period.


Animator: sergeyPavlutin

Description: Not good mouse, not good plans...

Experience: Less than one year

Time taken: Lot of time after work.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Robert Zhou:

The cut to the purple dog is a bit sudden - I'm not sure where he is in relation to the others. Also not quite sure why he had to put away that thing in his hand. But otherwise, great work!

Nathan Greensmith:

The cat / dog ? ... The first character could do more, be more emotional to perform better. The second character though performs incredibly well, the animation is great, and the characters look good, A potential winner in my opinion.

Ben Halstead:

Wow, very cool! I love the acting in this. The background is a bit distracting because it's basically the same background for both shots, but that's a minor thing.

Shiladitto Gupto:

first of all thank you for a 2d entry this is the first 2d entry i'm voting in this month.. i like the scribble style in here.. it really gives an edge to the clip..

now about the animation at the beginning when the hand enters (at "call him") it looks nice but the 2nd action (at "see if he'll come save you") looks a bit loud and repetitive as the hand already entered in the same manner at the start.. it was folded in then he stretches his arm and again he stretches his arm in almost same manner.. so that's the part which i think could have been a bit more subtle.. and the cat is looking to the screen right at the same time too.. a bit of offset could have been better..

otherwise the rest of the thing looks nice.. thank you once again for this 2D entry.. i just love them so i can't stop telling so many things about them.. hope you didn't mind.. :)


Great idea

Bruno de Coninck:

Good work. I would just like to suggest to chang a detail on the hand on the begenning. The colors and shape is too near of your second talking character. It make it looks it is the same character. Also, the second character is kind of slow. Adding some speed contrasts could help you to get rid of this, even if it is on details.

Paula Decanini:

Purple character was too slow. Try punching up the timing by adding a quick motion in there to break up the sluggishness.

Kyle Novak:

The last half was much better. very gestural but awesome.