Final Rating: 6.42. Finished 12 out of 151 entries.

1,481 views including the voting period.


Animator: Drew Covert

Description: A princess is being used to lure Wilfred the knight into a trap

Experience: Couple years out of school

Time taken: 1 Week


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Robert Zhou:

Nicely done! I think the executioner's pose at frame 65 is too random -- the movement is too much I think. Also, I didn't notice the king in the background, so I was surprised to see his closeup. Still, your animation work is very good. Keep it up!

Martin Strom:

That king looks pretty evil..."moohahaha"...! Anyway, great job!

Ben Halstead:

Great work! Just a tad floaty.

Travis Stowell:

Mery's head seems unnatural as it moves, if she's being held down, it'd seem more appropriate to have her head movements more subtle or minimal. I really like the cloth and hair you've put in it. As far as the rest of the animation, it's pretty good :)

Bruno de Coninck:

Pretty good! The animation is a bit slow at some time and the speed contrast could be incrased but it is fairly respectable over all!

Nathan Greensmith:

Fantastic scene, good characters, good animation, brilliant work, a potential winner in my opinion.

Ukia N:

Great job! The lighting and environment really add to how great this is. You can really tell you had fun with this.

Paula Decanini:

I'd like to see more terror in the princess's face and more malice in the executioner's expressions. Maybe not keep his hand on the back of her head the whole time.

Kyle Novak:

Best 3D entry I've seen. Seems like you've got an art background with the composition of the first scene. Very clever. And awesome concept. One of the only scenes where the voices and scene fit the audio. Good work, probably a winner.

Ramon Arango:

the king gestures up in the sky but the executioner hints towards the audience i guess. So where is this wilfurd? Make up your mind
Or if the gesture is pointed towards the celestial virtue of mercy, then the timing should be at "merciful" instead of "wilfurd". I dont know. It feels odd.