Final Rating: 5.76. Finished 21 out of 151 entries.

680 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jen Burchfield

Description: Old man encounters an old friend who gives him much needed advice.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 weeks on/off


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Nikolas Diamant:

Good animation, but it's unclear what is happening

Bruno de Coninck:

Ah! Zombies. Interesting concept but your old character don't seems to be pushing hard enought. Make it look harder to keep this door closed.

Nathan Greensmith:

Good plot, good acting, very nice animation. should do ok, but it's a potential winner in my opinion.


second character's body could react more to the knocks on the door etc

Nassim Briedj:

nice work but the sound doesn't mach with your idea

Borislav Dimitrov:

I love the idea. well made. nice acting. one thing hit me at f200. the SR hand feels like hitting a wall. the rest is pretty good.

Victoria Bailey:

I really like this, although I feel that he could put a bit more weight against the door if he's trying to stop people from getting in.