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Call him for hope.

by Anthony

Final Rating: 3.42. Finished 107 out of 151 entries.

341 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anthony

Description: A dying man wishes to continue living. He is encouraged to keep on fighting by calling a friend.

Experience: I have four years of animation experience within college.

Time taken: Two weeks of work; providing at least one hour a day.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Adam Momsen:

I really like the 'Yesss' moment, as the character seems to consider something he hasn't thought about before. The eyes moving around during this is good, as he thinks about what was said. Lip sync pretty decent overall, though I think the 'v' in 'save you' needs to hit a bit more clearly.

Posing isn't bad, but I feel like more attention could be paid to dynamic poses and line of action. End pose where the first character reaches across himself to pat the hand of the other guy is very awkward.

Otherwise feels a bit 'pose-to-pose' and floaty. Especially when the guy on the left kneels down, feels like there's not a very fluid motion from one pose to the next. And when the characters nod it's a very even, slow, floaty kind of motion.



Bruno de Coninck:

I think you could add more key poses and breaking poses. Up to now, your character sometimes to float from pose to pose.

Nathan Greensmith:

Some great poses, simple animation but I actually quite like it. Good job!

Ramon Arango:

You could use reference I think. The weight shifts on the left guy seem very linear. If you film yourself doin it you immediately see that you take more little steps to anticipate and the shift your weight in curves. He is going down on his knees in a straight line for example. Try to avoid such movement. Reference helps more than you might think :)